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title: Fill the form
date: 2004-09
size: 8,25 MB
length: 5:52
mp3 download: subdvisionz_filltheform01.mp3
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rating: 4.2
no. of downloads: 1436
no. of plays: 28
no. of ratings: 271
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One additional coenmmts on Mr. Mendelsohn's piece. The online/retitling libraries offer a bit more of a level playing field for both the writers who can't get a foot in the exclusive library door, and for small producers who can't afford expensive needle-drop fees.The world is full of little guys who produce corporate videos, power points, meetings, etc., for whom the royalty-free libraries are a good and appropriate source for music. There is room for both business models in the light of differing clientele.
3xTaPd7D - 2015-09-07 11:52:17 7hkqd8boqz@outlook.com

ok da sa
failed - 2006-09-27 17:40:25 rokes@zoznam.sk

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