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artist: Salt´n´Pepa
title: Push It (bootleg) (clip)
date: 2007-06
size: X,XX
length: X:XX
mp3 download: Salt´n´Pepa - Push it (bootleg).mp3>> mirror  
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rating: 4.2
no. of downloads: 2188
no. of plays: 124
no. of ratings: 246
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That DnB NOR could go pear shaped soudns ridiculous. It's pretty much clean of toxic paper, has a very healthy home market, good management and is 34% owned by a Norwegian state awash in cash.The only fundamental clouds would perhaps be the Norwegian economy seriously tanking (which it isn't) and the Baltics going over the edge (which they probably are, but DnB NOR is anyway far less exposed than some Swedish names that spring to mind.)TBH i think their stock plummeting is mostly down to norwegian investors rekindling memories of the bank crisis in the early nineties, when DnB went to zero along with the rest. Oh, and perhaps also the fact that Oslo - where DnB NOR is the only largecap bank - has been one of a select few places on the planet where shorting financials has remained legal in the past few weeks (a ban comes into effect tomorrow).
Yu25f9Y0T - 2013-08-09 14:48:43 bos2011@frosch.com

�Come on grils, you know this isn’t going to happen, so get real and do soetmhing about it now.’It’s interesting that they’ve come to the conclusion that they need to sell the category, rather than focusing specifically on the benefits of their savings product – shows how far the credit obsessed buy now, pay later culture has permeated society.As an ad which is tackling a dry subject, attempting to start changing perceptions I think it’s on the money…pardon the pun.
vqvyIQKSBpDk - 2013-07-20 16:50:12 info@pujolmuntala.es

This plugin is da bomb!!!!!! I was worinndeg if you're planning on releasing a little document with V1.0 describing what the settings do, since I am rather producing random results. It's so much fun! Thanks for putting all the hard work into this and for giving it away for free!!! Ken
HWqdQ82VxWC - 2013-07-18 12:08:30 booking@clementinecafe.com

HODNE dobre;)

skart - 2007-12-01 12:39:02

davam deset
173M - 2007-06-28 02:36:13

slusne kluci .)
173M - 2007-06-28 02:35:54

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