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artist: No Money>> profile  
title: Narcothon (clip)
date: 2007-02
size: 4,51
length: 3:50
release: Protogen digital
mp3 download: NoMoney-Narcothon(clip).mp3>> mirror  
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rating: 4.9
no. of downloads: 2540
no. of plays: 55
no. of ratings: 318
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and now I have to see it through. So deptsie the fact that I'm spent from last night's adventures in yogic spinning (thanks DJ HyFi) and two margaritasa0at Corazon del Mar (thanks Kristen Kellogg) I'm going to
DxvMhodRke - 2013-08-11 08:19:57 fcfritz@charter.net

fact as, if you want business cridet like a real company, you have to look like one(especially for those of you ussing shelf corporations in order to get funding to start a business).
xHmfvzSv3xAS - 2013-07-20 14:56:36 pats@edukan.org

yeah the yellow label and moraon labels are different pressings. Patrick Adams is a maniac, as we all know. he pressed up records whenever he felt like it. i am sure the yellow and moraon press both came out around the same time. i asked the famous dealer Ray at the FMU convention. (hes the big guy with all the records and 45s behind the table). he told me it was an original. plus it has a Masterdisk stamp on the matrix, which is a giveaway. i have over 40 Patrick Adams/Peter Brown/-related records, and i always come across different color schemes. its a mystery!
BwGrs5wkZw - 2013-07-18 02:53:09 bok@mpwik.com.pl

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