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artist: No Money>> profile  
title: Much Louder (clip)
date: 2006-02
size: 4,66
length: 3:14
release: Evopro rec.
mp3 download: no_money-much_louder(clip).mp3
mp3 stream:
rating: 4.7
no. of downloads: 4997
no. of plays: 113
no. of ratings: 402
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jock: Diky
C.phone aka NoMoney - 2006-05-03 15:38:19

luxusni bici !! ..akorat bych rad slysel vzadu nakou plochu / sampl / ruch aby to dalo te veci trochu origos feeling. I kdyz tuhle praci uz tam odvadeji ty syntaky (velice efektne udelane!) Vse co tam je mi prijde dokonale a zaslouzi si byt jeste necim podtrzeno.. (IMO) Cista prace hosi jen tak dal :)
jock - 2006-05-03 13:02:02 jaromir.bednar@centrum.cz

hodne povedenee :)
ogi - 2006-04-18 11:21:08

fuzzy:Thanx for feedback mate...we are going to release it. :) Working on final mixdown atm.
Cash aka NoMoney - 2006-04-08 14:55:27

it's really good, good rythm, it should be a killer for the dancefloor

i think the hi hats are too loud, but it's only my opinion

fuzzy - 2006-04-03 12:47:35 persu@mail.inet.hr

Dalsi download mirror : http://www.demostreams.com/?ID=cash.aka.nomoney
C.phone aka NoMoney - 2006-03-05 15:18:03

SSD presents The Prototypes
No Money feat. MC Coppa - Much Louder Mix 3rd level
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