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artist: No Money>> profile  
title: Let´s Move VIP (clip)
date: 2007-02
size: 3,64
length: 3:23
release: First Generation
mp3 download: NoMoney-LetsMoveVIP(clip).mp3>> mirror  
mp3 stream:
rating: 4.3
no. of downloads: 3099
no. of plays: 174
no. of ratings: 423
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The plugin sondus really good.. it actually generates EXACTLY the kind of sondus that I'm looking for BUT It's random, I need 100% control over what it's doing. Does anyone know how to manually do this kind of thing. The extremely fast repetitions that it produces seem difficult to achieve manually especially when programming drum patterns. Simply repeating a particular drum hit by drawing it in the sequencer multiple times just doesn't give the same sound as this plugin. Would anyone like to share any words of wisdom about manually producing these kinds of sondus?
MjRVuCnv - 2013-08-09 14:50:43 josias@mma.com.br

this vst isnt realy all that great. i couldnt see msyelf usueing this in any of my music. no one on warp would waste their time with it either. if all these people think this thing is so awsome, heres a hint: go out and pick yourself up a copy of native instruments reaktor 5. the only vst FX plugin ive ever seen even half worth useing is glitch. vst FX mostly suck. this thing sounds like a bent walmart toy. def not worthy to appear in any real idm or electronic tracks. just sounds cheap.
7ULyzW0GoSO - 2013-07-20 14:24:04 oquirozi@yahoo.com

What about multi chanell in/outso you can selveticely feed livecut.If you know LiveSlice VST this would be nice combination with Livecut.LiveSlice can slice loops and output the slices ondiferent outputs separately.Now imagine if you could feed livecut separately with BD ,SD ,HH, on diferent chanells and separately output the livecuted BD,SD, Drago
J1MFZZ8KWj - 2013-07-18 13:16:47 bonniewear@q.com

fK1 - 2007-04-01 15:02:33 frankiiie@gmail.com

nebylo mi dobre jak sem to psal asi se mi to v tu dobu zdalo shit ja nevim - byl sem naky unaveny netusim co se delo
fk1 - 2007-04-01 15:02:07 frankiiie@gmail.com

jak to myslis frankiiie?
nm - 2007-03-31 20:13:25

co to ma do pice byt :-O
fK1 - 2007-03-31 18:37:30 frankiiie@gmail.com

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