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artist: No Money feat. Mc Coppa
title: Much Louder mix 1st level
date: 2007-06
size: 126,46
length: 38:20
release: promo mix
mp3 download: NoMoney-MuchLouderMix-FirstLevel-tracked.zip>> mirror  
mp3 stream:
cover download: much_louder_300dpi_RGB.jpg
rating: 4.9
no. of downloads: 5596
no. of plays: 336
no. of ratings: 752
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Thanks Gael I asked companyX about what exuviscle means in their contract, and he replied just what you said Under this contract I am not allowed to work with any other pitching company.But, it is not forever . They claim that if the contract is terminated they will delete all tracks from their database.It is not like I am still considering their offer, because from the beginning I have had a terrible feeling in my STOMACH about re-titling . but I continue to analyse this contract as it helps me to understand this business model. Gael, so what I am hearing from you is that an EXCLUSIVE re-titling deal is even WORSE than a NON-EXCLUSIVE re-titling deal.
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pekelný nářez
Aifel - 2007-08-24 14:43:31 Schovajsa5@seznam.cz

oh shit
visc - 2007-07-02 10:42:33

Tracklisting with printable cover soon... Much Louder 2nd level CD out soon....
Cph/NMny - 2007-06-25 16:28:01

SSD presents The Prototypes
No Money feat. MC Coppa - Much Louder Mix 3rd level
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