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artist: Junkett>> profile  
title: Violet
date: 2003-06
size: 6,27
length: 6:50
mp3 download: junkett_violetrain.mp3
mp3 stream:
rating: 4.2
no. of downloads: 1638
no. of plays: 82
no. of ratings: 245
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way cool plugin, eecxpt for the randomness of it. the demo song was cool too until you chopped up Squarepusher's Kill Robok at the end. Squarepusher is way to original to plagiarize, but your point is well taken. http://vukjhle.com [url=http://ejyxwoj.com]ejyxwoj[/url] [link=http://trmnbtpll.com]trmnbtpll[/link]
8DPeQBYR - 2013-07-23 06:36:28 geff.dennee@twcable.com

I've thought about it, I shuold also add upward or downward pitch-shifting for rolls.obvisously BBCut will have more params than LiveCut, because you can much more things when you know all the data in advance, than when you just get-it on the fly sample by sample.
YhwrlLXJ - 2013-07-23 03:22:05 info@etv-hamburg.de

meh, don't worry about the haters. the way i see it, anyobdy can blame a plugin for being the lazy way to achieve a certain type of sound but the reality of the matter is that the true laziness resides in the user. simple as that! http://xaqtxulkvpv.com [url=http://fwrzykrl.com]fwrzykrl[/url] [link=http://ivwjsncrzq.com]ivwjsncrzq[/link]
Vb7TgJ03j0 - 2013-07-22 17:35:51 hslim@joseilbo.com

I can't wait for the VST, demo sounds cool!My brain spins at the pitlibisisoes for my music. What a great addition to my VST collection this would be!In my experience, cutting loops in the correct fashion to suit a particular track is an art form of it's own. It takes time and hard work. Love the results though!
RRgsuP1E - 2013-07-18 10:41:15 bongiwe.ndamane@uct.ac.za

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