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artist: Junkett>> profile  
title: J'Lo's (clip)
date: 2003-02
size: 4,06
length: 4:25
mp3 download: junkettitem_imreal.mp3
mp3 stream:
rating: 4.7
no. of downloads: 1599
no. of plays: 55
no. of ratings: 189
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Gael,Just a footnote to clafiry my post, and to emphasize that is not directed at you, and that I had no intentions of offending if I did.As I said, I've been fortunate, and I am personally uncomfortable with retitling with respect to the broadcast world.However, I have real empathy for the many many composers who struggle outside the broadcast / entertainment world. As such, I strongly advocate for a solution that does not destroy their livelihood.Cheers,Michael
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