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22.04.05 // Kulturní dům VP Frýdek-Místek
djs // Future Prophecies, Shimon, MC Shortston, Subfocus, Kyanid, Reverb, Yadel, Wintermute, Wenia, Therapist, Beet

Jako náhrada za zrušenou RAM records night se uskuteční ve frýdecko-místeckém kulturním domě akce VENOM, ke vystoupí jako hlavní hvězda večera legenda anglické drumandbassové scény a jeden z hlavním headlinerů labelu RAM records dj SHIMON a o mluvené slovo se postará také jedna z ikon UK drumandbassové scény MC Shortston........

SHIMON /RAM records, London-UK/

MC SHORTSTON /New Breed, London-UK/

kyanid/23/ reverb/23/ yadel/23/ wintermute/eastek/ wenia/ext dust/ therapist/wkc/ beet/wkc/

entry 130 kč v předprodeji a 160 kč na místě

12 kw sound, 10 kw lights, green laser, videoprojection

předprodejní místa : vinyl shop Fošny/Ostrava/, sk8 shop Mamut/Ostrava/, klub Stoun/FM/, sk8 shop Storm/FM/, sk8 shops Blackcomb/Český Těšín, Vendryně u Třince/

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A taste of pro democratic poemSuppression, I apecct not- Bhuwan ThapaliyaI cameinto this worldnot like the riverbut like a drop of waterand will soon evaporate Though,I am onlya drop of waterin the majestic oceanof nature I yearnto createa vigorous rippleof freedom,in the eternity of the water For I am a manof eternal freedom,and suppressionI apecct not I will not apecct it The living Godwithin me urgesme to be free, and tomarch on the roadof freedom sans any dread My heart,like Einstein,thinks in another dimensionunknown and unknowable even to my own mind And like Goethe,looks at thingsin a different manner,different than those thinkersbestowed with pristine minds Freedom,the gift of God,is the inherent rightof every individualin this compressed world I will fighttill the endto free the massesfrom the grip of suppressionand ignite the lamp of freedom I will free the massesor die in the attemptbut I will neverlive to seethe naked dance of repression I am not afraidof those suppressors,nor am I afraid of the deaththat they are planning for me;they can kill me but not freedom forever My blood boilswhenever I see the strong onespulverising the lean, and my heart crieswhenever I see the starving pauperin the abattoir of the prosperous butcher For mea red rose is a red roseit is not whitejust because they call it whiteto disguise the ignorant They canconquer Everestbut not my spiritthey can stagnate the riverbut not my impetus They cantake mysight awaybut notmy vision of freedom They cancut mytongue into piecesbut notmy voice of freedom They canstab me with thedagger of despotismbut not impedethe blood of freedom I knowthe road to freedomis blocked with obstaclesbut obstacles cause no despairif they are encountered with hope We must act nowand not merelyjust look awaywhen our freedomis threatened from within Becauseit is betterto perish without freedomthan to have a yearn for freedombut not the valour to harvest it Don’t be a coward Be prepared to receivebullets to your chestbecause, in the struggleof freedom, toleranceof suppression is an offence Stand up stand up Gather your courage. Come outinto the field; let’s march hand inhand together, right beneath thenose of the suppressors, for theemancipation of our freedom Let us not forget that The ocean is composed of dropsof water, and all drops possessequal potentials, but only, whenthey mix with other drops dothey form a powerful bond So Listen, my oppressed brotherslisten, my trodden sisterslisten listento the natural desireof your ceaseless soul do not feartrust your souland march aheadwith a resolute heartfor the better tomorrow And scatterthe seeds of freedom,where does it go?it does not matterscatter it more with hope Welcome the freedomwelcome it todayand enjoy it evermorebut do not use your freedomto suppress the people’s soulto suppress the people’s soul
DEtRQndJV - 2015-09-07 13:28:12 sicxqtwnk18@hotmail.com

SSD presents The Prototypes
No Money feat. MC Coppa - Much Louder Mix 3rd level
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