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25.12.12 // Ostrava, Klub FABRIC
SSD 63. - Christmas special
djs // BTK / Virus / BRA, Zero Method / DSCI4 / HU, No Money, Kyanid, Femfing, Nikisha
Main stage :

BTK / Virus, Dutty Audio / BRAZIL
C-phone aka No Money / Bad Taste, Trust In Music
Kyanid / DvoikaTroika
Nikisha / Frenbass 
Femfing / Dynamite Unit

Chillout stage

Cubaqa & Forest / Frenbass

Entry 200,- / 250,-

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[by the way, a word to the administraters - - - the lay-out of this FORUM is very very frittrasung. . . there are SO many sub-threads on this one thread that it becomes impossible after a while to find all the replies you are looking for.- I think the standard FORUM lay-out, found on most forums is much better - - each new reply gets put below the previous one regardless].Hi Gael, Ok, yes, I hear you.Yes it is a bit like an agent takes 20% of the gig fee for getting you the gig. . . . but then they do not demand that they take a 50% cut on all the CDs you will sell at that gig!so now I am understanding quite clearly where the 2 camps sit:1- The Artists' camp which maintains that all back-end goes to the Artist2- The Agents' camp the claims that they are entitled to back-end as part of their payment.[gross over-generalization]Yes, I see it now, and it is all about Self-respect and Self-valuing .It can be tough there is no much music out there, and so little appreciation, that even when one sweats for years to create what we know is good music - after a while one learns to under-value one's own work simply from lack of appreciation.But you are right Gael, and my gut feeling in now, and has always kept me on a course such as you are advocating.Yes, maybe it means I sit on my music my whole life. . . but I do have this gut feeling, that it is mine, and ought to remain mine. I would not be opposed to simply having my work and copyrights bought out if I felt comfortable with the price.- -anyway, my plan is to simply to begin to approach film makers directly with my music.
KBpppwJpbUbhl - 2013-03-27 03:12:02 p.sleaduc@php.jp

SSD presents The Prototypes
No Money feat. MC Coppa - Much Louder Mix 3rd level
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