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- dj, producer

email: dry-rot@dvoikatroika.cz
icq: 308556066
aim: dryrotmike

jméno: Majk
věk: 38

styl: rave

jak jsi se dostal k hraní:

Inspired by names like Kemal, Cause4Concern, The Panacea, Dry-rot started with djing back in 2005. His excellent dj technique together with quite unusual and extraordinary selection full of crazy mash-ups and sudden shifts always make the crowd go absolutely nuts! Don’t expect from him a pure drumandbass mix, he is the one who loves switching between various styles of electronic music, such as happy hardcore, rave, and even 90’s music.

At the beginning of 2010, he became interested in music production so another stage of his music career has come into existence. Several months of hard work in a studio have led to his first release on Dylan’s Freak Recordings. After such a nice start Dry-rot is prepared to work harder to develop his own sound and establish himself in this wild environment of drumandbass scene. Keep your eyes open for his future work!

Dry-rot - Near Death Experience (Freak recordings - FREAKMP3032)
Scooter - Call Me Manana (Dry-rot refuck) (FREE BOOTY)
Dry-rot & Spam - Scream (Abducted records - ABDIG027)
Dry-rot - In the End (Infectech recordings - INTECHLP006)
Kriotek - Malaxor (Dry-rot remix) (Sick Brain recordings - SICKB017)
Dry-rot - Sodomy (Blast Furnace Recordings)
Dry-rot - Mindfuck (Blast Furnace Recordings)

oblibené projekty:
Andy C, the Panacea, Scott Brown, Deekline, Art of Fighters, 2unlimited, Scooter, Ennio Morricone, Katchaturian,..

oblibené labely:
Position Chrome

životní filozofie: Clara pacta, boni amici.

oblíbená žena: ona ví.. .]

artist's mp3s
artist title date rating
Dry-rot live_at_FTF_Helax_2013_oldskool_MIX.mp3 2013-08 4.7 DETAIL D/L
Dry-rot Live_at_BeatsForLove_OpenAir_2013 2013-07 4.6 DETAIL D/L
Dry-rot & MC Embryo live at FUTURE CONTROL OpenAir 2012 2012-09 4.5 DETAIL D/L
Ibogain (MoreBeat) b2b Dry-rot live @ Malcovna_Veczer_2012 2012-08 4.6 DETAIL D/L
Dry-rot & Spam Deathmatch Promo Mix 2010-11 4.8 DETAIL D/L
Dry-rot Promo_Mix_2009 2010-03 4.2 DETAIL D/L
SSD presents The Prototypes
No Money feat. MC Coppa - Much Louder Mix 3rd level
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